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    Hyperventilation Syndrome Workup5

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    Hyperventilation Syndrome Workup5 Empty Hyperventilation Syndrome Workup5

    Post by yagocom on Wed Mar 14, 2012 10:08 pm

    Other Tests
    Changes are common and may include the following:

    ST depression or elevation
    Prolonged QT interval
    T-wave inversion
    Sinus tachycardia
    Orthostatic respiratory rate changes
    Respiratory rate typically increases in the normal individual when going from supine to standing.

    Patients with HVS have an accentuated increase in minute ventilation.

    End tidal CO2 was found to be significantly lower in patients with HVS.

    Ventilatory equivalents for O2 and CO2 were significantly higher in patients with HVS.

    Noninvasive measurements of gas exchange during orthostatic testing are therefore useful in the diagnosis of patients with HVS.[6]

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