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MAI) Mosul for Anesthesia & ICU)

welcome we hope to enjoy & share us

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MAI) Mosul for Anesthesia & ICU)

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MAI) Mosul for Anesthesia & ICU)

This website belong to department of anaesthesia & ICU in Mosul city , Iraq

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    admission criteria to ICU

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    admission criteria to ICU Empty admission criteria to ICU

    Post by yagocom Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:08 pm

    The Intensive Care Unit is an expensive resource area and should be reserved for
    patients with reversible medical conditions with a reasonable prospect of
    substantial recovery.
    Patients with the following conditionsare candidates for admission to the
    General Intensive Care Unit. The following conditions include, but are not
    A. Respiratory
    1. Acute respiratory failure requiring ventilatory support
    2. Acute pulmonary embolism with haemodynamic instability
    3. Massive haemoptysis
    4. Upper airway obstruction
    B. Cardiovascular
    1. Shock states
    2. Life-threatening dysrhythmias
    3. Dissecting aortic aneurysms
    4. Hypertensive emergencies
    5. Need for continuous invasive monitoring of cardiovascular system
    (arterial pressure, central venous pressure, cardiac output)
    C. Neurological
    1. Severe head trauma
    2. Status epilepticus
    3. Meningitis with altered mental status or respiratory compromise
    4. Acutely altered sensorium with
    the potential for airway compromise
    5. Progressive neuromuscular dysfunction requiring respiratory
    and / or cardiovascular monitoring (myasthenia gravis, Gullain-
    Barre syndrome)
    6. Brain dead or potentially brain dead patients who are being aggressively
    managed while determining organ donation status

    D. Renal
    1. Requirement for acute renal replacement therapies in an unstable patient
    2. Acute rhabdomyolysis with renal insufficiency
    E. Endocrine
    1. Diabetic ketoacidosis complicated by haemodynamic instability, altered
    mental status
    2. Severe metabolic acidotic states
    3. Thyroid storm or myxedema coma with haemodynamic instability
    4. Hyperosmolar state with coma and/or haemodynamic instability
    5. Adrenal crises with haemodynamic instability
    6. Other severe electrolyte abnormalities, such as:
    - Hypo or hyperkalemia with dysrhythmias or muscular weakness
    - Severe hypo or hypernatremia with seizures, altered mental status
    - Severe hypercalcemia with altered mental status, requiring
    haemodynamic monitoring
    F. Gastrointestinal
    1. Life threatening gastrointestinal bleeding
    2. Acute hepatic failure leading to coma, haemodynamic instability
    3. Severe acute pancreatitis
    G Haematology
    1. Severe coagulopathy and/or bleeding diasthesis
    2. Severe anemia resulting in haemodynamic and/or respiratory
    3. Severe complications of sickle cell crisis
    4. Haematological malignancies with multi-organ failure
    H. Obstetric
    1. Medical conditions complicating pregnancy
    2. Severe pregnancy induced hypertension/eclampsia
    3. Obstetric haemorrhage
    4. Amniotic fluid embolism

    I Multi-system
    1. Severe sepsis or septic shock
    2. Multi-organ dysfunction syndrome
    3. Polytrauma
    4. Dengue haemorrhagic fever/dengue shock syndrome
    5. Drug overdose with potential acute decompensation of major organ
    6. Environmental injuries (lightning, near drowning, hypo/hyperthermia)
    7. Severe burns
    J Surgical
    1. High risk patients in the peri-operative period
    2. Post-operative patients requiring continuous haemodynamic
    monitoring/ ventilatory support, usually following:
    - vascular surgery
    - thoracic surgery
    - airway surgery
    - craniofacial surgery
    - major orthopaedic and spine surgery
    - general surgery with major blood loss/ fluid shift
    - neurosurgical procedures

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    admission criteria to ICU Empty Re: admission criteria to ICU

    Post by ashdom Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:48 am

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